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Hello! This is the personal blog of Jenny ("Peaches") and Ben ("Potatoes"). Jenny, that is, I write primarily to update loved ones - family and friends - who sadly almost all live far away from me. However you found this blog, though, I'm glad that you did. In fact, I hope you'll visit often...I'd love it if you left a comment now and then, too!

Just to clarify, the name of our blog, Take Me Home, is a reference to the song by John Denver, not Phil Collins. I've never liked Phil Collins much. Or the Beatles, for that matter.

Anyway, that song speaks to me:

"Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong." 

Perhaps it's because I miss all of those loved ones far away. Perhaps it's because I'm a country girl at heart - a country girl, but still a lady, mind you.

Sniff...they're all taller than me now
I come from a long line of writers, teachers, book-worms, and Bible scholars. I grew up in the sunny South (hence the name "Peaches"), running around bare foot all summer long with my brothers and cousins, fishing in creeks, swimming in ponds, jumping from hay lofts, feeding cows, riding tractors, picking blackberries, and, of course, devouring book after book. I'm the oldest of four, with three handsome brothers and two loving parents. We weren't rich by any stretch of the imagination, but we were happy and helped each other out to make life the very best it could be.  

That's my idea of "home."

Married for Eternity June 21, 2008
My sweetheart, Ben, also has country roots. He's from Ucon, Idaho (hence the name "Potatoes"), and, as they say, "Don't blink or you'll miss it." Ben's the youngest of eight, and besides his immediate family being twice the size of mine (plus nearly 30 grandkids), they're very similar - they're thrifty, kind, educated, hard-working, and fun-loving.  I love being a part of their family.  

That's "home" to me, too.

Christ, the Master Healer & Teacher
I'm also a Mormon and a Christian, which means my eternal home is close to my heart. I believe I lived with God before I came to this world, and I want to get back home to Him. I also believe that His Son, Jesus Christ, paid the price to return me to His Father, which I could never pay on my own. I try to live my life each day as an offering to Christ, who gave the ultimate offering for all people. This is the focus of my faith - Everything we do in our churches, our homes, our communities, and our temples, is to give our lives in service to God and His children. We're certainly not perfect people, but we believe that through Christ we can be perfected and live with God and our loved ones forever.  

That's my idea of "home." 

So, that brings me to where we are now on this road "home." Ben's on his way to become a pharmacist in May 2013, and I'm working as the marketing director at a quality assurance company for in-home care providers (think assisted living, but in your own home). Eventually, we want to use our combined experience to go into business together and run a specialty pharmacy and health shop. We also want to invest in an acre or two outside of town, make a home, settle down, and raise a family.

Right now, "home" is just the two of us. We've shared some wonderful years together as husband and wife since June 2008, but we'd love to share our home with some little ones, too. I've struggled with several fertility-related health issues and recurrent miscarriage (3 and counting), and so I write about those struggles from time to time. It helps me to open up about it, and I hope it can help other people dealing with similar struggles, too. I pray that God "takes you home" with His love.

Those words "take me home" can mean so many different things, but I think the point is that where you're going in life is just as important as the road you take to get there:  

"Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong." 

I know that I belong with my sweetheart, my children, my loved ones, and my God, and I'm taking the road that leads me there.

Photo by Dave Jenkins, my grandpa

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  1. Hey sister Steinmetz! ( hope I spelled that right) Love your blog :)
    -Anna Rossow