Friday, May 12, 2017

Baby #3 is Almost Here + 5 Ways I'm Getting Ready

I'm 9 months pregnant, so I guess now is a good time for an update, right? I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER, and yet it's flown by so fast...I can hardly believe I'll be holding my new baby in my arms in less than 3 weeks! With every pregnancy, I like to write down a few things to remember and look back on later (like I did with Caleb here and Lydia here).

at 7 months pregnant

I've learned a lot about myself this pregnancy. The thing is, I find myself waiting to see what God has in store for us next, when maybe now is the time for ME to decide that.

For almost 6 years, I couldn't get pregnant and stay pregnant no matter what I tried. Now suddenly (it seems), I'm up to my eyeballs in dirty diapers and laundry. We've moved houses or changed jobs every year for the last 8 years, and even though Ben seems to finally be in a permanent position, his work schedule is still pretty hectic. I feel like we're still trying to catch our breaths and "figure things out."

at 8 a typical day with two toddlers

I guess that's what I've learned though, is that I'm never really going to "figure things out," and all I can do is my best every day.  And I can be happy with that. Now don't get me wrong. It's not that I would change anything, either. It's true that most of our plans haven't worked out like we thought, BUT things have worked out for us. We've been SO incredibly blessed--it's miraculous. And I needed to learn to put God's plans before my own, especially when I felt like I was stepping into the dark.

And I'm where I am now because of the choices I've made, too. I could've never come to Idaho, or refused to stay here, or quit that tough job that kept us out of so much student debt, or given up after 3 or 4 bad experiences with doctors, and never found the one who knew what caused my 3 miscarriages. But I didn't, and through the grace of God, I'm living an amazing life with my beautiful family and my best friend.

I'm learning to embrace the endless messes and crying right along with all the simple joys and laughter. So with that, here's the latest on this pregnancy ( in, it doesn't get any later than this #37weekspregnant)!

But first, here are 5 things on my to-do list right now before our baby girl arrives.

5 Ways I'm Getting Ready for a New Baby

#1: Stock up on staples. 
I've been buying extra of almost everything lately--toilet paper, hair gel, laundry detergent, dry pasta, tortilla chips--anything we might run out of in the next month or two. I'm also planning one last Costco trip this week, and I'll be doubling up on some items so that they'll last us as long as possible. Stocking up like this almost doubles our grocery bill for the month, but we'll be doing a lot less shopping the month after the baby comes, so it balances out. I've already got a few boxes of (tiny!) diapers and wipes ready to go, too!

#2: Store a few freezer meals. 
Along with stocking up, I'm adding a few frozen pizzas and lasagnas to our freezer, especially for when family comes to visit. We don't usually keep paper plates and cups on hand either, but I've got that on my list for my next trip to the store. I'll probably spend an evening making a few homemade freezer meals, too. My quick-and-easy favorites in the past have been enchiladas, chicken divan (I use frozen broccoli to save time and chicken broth instead of sherry) and this creamy noodle bake

#3: Clean the house. 
There's nothing like a bringing a newborn home to a clean house. That way I can relax without having to even think about scrubbing a toilet or mopping a floor for at least a few days (...or live with the mess....or ask someone else to clean it for me...). Of course, what passes for a clean house around here has changed quite a bit since my last baby. Two years ago, with an 18-month-old, I could clean my house once a week or so and it would stay pretty tidy. Now, with a 3-year-old and almost-2-year-old, I could clean all day every day, and my house would STILL be messy. So we're giving everything a good top-to-bottom cleaning, and hoping at least our house won't smell bad by the time we bring the baby home. 

#4: Make some special memories with family and friends. 
I've been soaking up all the baby snuggles I can and making it a point to do fun things with my kids--simple things, like going on walks and eating lunch outside. This weekend, we're planning either a drive to Shoshone Falls or a day at the zoo as a fun family date. Later this week, my friend planned a night out with our girlfriends, instead of a baby shower. And Ben and I are hoping to squeeze in a special date night, or maybe an overnight "staycation" when my parents get here...I'm thinking sleeping in and room service!

#5: Relax
In between all the deep-cleaning and memory-making, I'm trying to put my feet up and take as many power naps as possible. Especially on rainy days, we put on a good movie and snuggle on the couch together. On other days, we sit and read books or swing in the hammock. And I don't have to feel guilty about it one bit, because I have the best excuse for taking it easy!

relaxing (at 5 months) with my babies, my bump and a good book

All About This Pregnancy

How far along?
I'm 37 weeks, so I'm officially 9 months pregnant! I'm delivering in less than 3 weeks on May 25th. My due date is June 1, but my doctor always induces me a week early to lower the risk of hemorrhaging from my blood clotting deficiency. I don't love being induced, but it's nice to have a "deadline."

It's another girl!

Any names?
We're pretty set on Claire.

That profile (at 20 weeks)! She looks like a Claire, don't you think?

Maternity clothes
I raid Ben's t-shirt drawer daily! I'm pretty much always wearing leggings and a cardigan over a loose, stretchy t-shirt. I'm all about casual comfort, so I'm loving these slip-on sneakers from Target--they seriously feel like slippers on my feet, but the best part is that I don't have to bend over to tie the laces! And I've really been missing the t-shirt dress my friend Rachel let me borrow my last pregnancy, but I haven't been able to find one like it that doesn't ride up and show too much thigh for me. Anyone?

THE shoes!

She's slowed down lately, but she gets hiccups about 10 times a day! A couple of weeks ago though, she was kicking me in the sternum. I have no idea how she got her feet up there, but she kept me awake for over an hour that night.  

Excited! I'm feeling only slightly crazy about getting everything "ready" for the baby, but surprisingly, not too much. I'm just trying to relax and enjoy these last few weeks with my family of 4. Like always, I started out this pregnancy feeling pretty anxious and nervous, but I think I've learned to cope with it better this pregnancy.

YES. I sleep like a log...I always have. But instead of waking up every 2 hours to pee, I wake up in the morning in massive pain because my bladder is about to explode. I've had some back pain with this pregnancy too, so that's made falling asleep and waking up more uncomfortable. But I've been fighting my night owl habit, trying to get myself in bed earlier and get as much sleep as possible. I've also been doing 5-10 minutes of yoga at night before bed, plus 5 minutes of meditation using the Calm app while I fall asleep, and that's seriously improved my sleep quality! I can't recommend it enough. 

Weight change
I've gained just under 30 lbs., and it's ALL in front. I was the same way with my last pregnancy--also a girl--but with my little boy, I was pregnant all over. I think I gained almost 50 lbs. with him!

She's ALL in front!

To name a few: breakfast sandwiches, ice cream (I'm usually more of a brownie girl), Chic-fil-A, peanut butter, and carrot sticks. My cravings have been so random this pregnancy. With my first (that I miscarried), I craved seafood. With my little boy, I craved hot dogs, ham sandwiches and savory soups, and with my daughter I craved sugar cookies, donuts and pop-tarts. I guess this baby likes variety!

Any aversions?
Eggs (except on breakfast sandwiches, apparently). I usually love eggs, but I can't ever eat them when I'm pregnant without getting sick.

The best part so far
Gotta love that nesting energy! In the last few weeks, I've been motivated to tackle projects that I've been putting off for years. (But then I have to take extra naps to recover from all that "nesting.") As for the rest of my pregnancy, it sounds silly, but the best part was learning to let things go. I just don't have as much time as I did with my other pregnancies to be either excited or stressed, and the end result has been that I'm more laid back. It's taken a while to get there, though. 

The worst part so far
The back pain. It's been almost unbearable sometimes. I didn't deal with much back pain with my other pregnancies (except at the very end last time), so I have a whole new appreciation for people who deal with this all the time! Some days I couldn't walk or sit or lie down without being in pain, but I started going to a chiropractor a couple of months ago, and WOW. I feel better at 9 months pregnant than I did at 7 months! Between my weekly adjustments and daily yoga routine, my back pain is half what it was.

I wasn't at this stage (7 months), but now I'm feeling pretty good!

Looking forward to...
Feeling "ready." It's an elusive feeling, I know, but I'm not quite ready for this baby to come yet. I am ready to have the house put together and the hospital bag packed and all those last-minute projects checked off, but I'm still getting there. I'm excited for my family to visit, too! And imagining that moment when I'll hold her for the first time is what keeps me going every day.


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