Monday, April 3, 2017

Six Weeks of Sunday Sisterhood

Life is full of beautiful moments, but also painful ones. It's been an amazing 6 weeks of talking with you and hearing your stories through our Sunday Sisterhood chat series on Instagram. We received hundreds of comments--I've learned so much more than I thought possible about grieving, faith, pain and loss, and I was amazed by your strength over and over. You inspired me, brought me to tears and helped me refocus on what really matters most in life.

If this chat series did the same for even just one person, then all the time and effort that my hosts and I put into this would be worth it a hundred times over. When I started this chat series, I knew I wanted to capture all of your responses so that you (or anyone) could go back and read them anytime. That turned out to be the most powerful part for me, because reading it in this format really gave me a sense of the incredible love and support we shared through each chat. And that's what this was really all about: women supporting women through life's most painful moments.

Here's a list of all our chats with links to each recap. I hope you'll share them with others and comment if you have any feedback or thoughts to add! I would love to hear more from you anytime. God bless, sisters!

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