Sunday, January 22, 2017

So You're Mad About Trump? Well, I'm Mad Too.

This is not the blog post I'd planned to write. It's not even the one I wanted to write. Ever. But here I am writing this at 1 in the morning, because I can't stop the words from coming.

You see, I'm not exactly thrilled to have Trump for President...and I voted for him. I know, I know--now you hate me. He's obnoxious and repulsive; America deserves better, I agree. But that's not why I'm mad. 

I'm mad that half of Americans are being called racist, hateful, stupid, ignorant, intolerant and worse for voting for Trump--plenty of people like me, who are most certainly not racist, hateful, stupid, ignorant, or intolerant (or uneducated, for that matter--I'm a college grad with honors, plus almost 10 years career experience). In fact, many--if not most--of those people are pretty great parents, friends, employees and citizens, who genuinely care about others and their communities. 

I'm mad that the media and so many Americans are buying into this idea that Trump supporters are bad people who are hurting women and minorities (funny how I'm one of those)--that they are not just people to be hated, but people that America must put an end to. That these are the people who are standing in the way of everything good and right. 

Only, that depends on your point of view. And America has this thing with protecting different points of view, or at least it used to. Trust me, I'm all for more affordable healthcare and housing and education. I'm no racist, and I believe all people--no matter their race or gender--should be treated fairly and equally. I do my best to live that belief every day, and to treat others with kindness and compassion. If you know me, I hope you'd agree. 

I also believe in the Constitution, and that it limits federal powers to protect its people and our rights. I don't believe the federal government should be allowed to administer healthcare, housing or education--the states, yes. The Constitution clearly allows for that, even encourages it, favoring state powers over federal powers. That's why we are the United States of America, after all. So no, I don't support federalized welfare (there are other types, you know). And another thing: I don't believe that women's rights should include abortion. As a mother and a Christian, I believe the lives of unborn children should be protected, especially from partial-birth abortion, which I'm sad to think must be a painful death.

These are just a few reasons I chose not to vote for Hilary. I also believe she's dishonest. (Sorry, not sorry.) To me, the fact that half of Americans voted for Trump says more about Hilary than it does voters--not that they're racist or hateful (etc., etc.), or that they agreed with everything Trump said, but that they just didn't trust Hilary. They felt like she was hiding the truth behind that calm facade. Say what you like about Trump--I might even agree--but the thing about him is that what you see is what you get.

Not that I'm happy about what we're getting, but I'm not writing this to argue Trump vs. Hilary--if you ask me, they're both pretty lousy. As it happens, I believe both parties have a lot of the same goals, just very different views on how to achieve them. Ultimately, I'm trusting God and the Constitution to pull America through whatever comes our way. And I'm going to keep making the best of my life and helping whoever I can, no matter who's president.

The point is, it's dangerous to label so many Americans as bad people for voting for Trump. People's actions are what cause harm to others, not personal views--even the ones you abhor. Those views are protected by the Constitution, and so are yours. There are bad people out there, who actually want to cause others harm, and they're not exclusive to one party. 

Half the country are not those people. I am not that person. I am an American who exercised my right to vote. And if you voted for Hilary or someone else, you did the same. I don't believe that makes you a bad person. I don't want to stop you from protesting peacefully or sharing your point of view. I would appreciate the rest of America doing the same for me, instead of accusing all Trump voters of hurting women and minorities. It seems to me, that's doing more harm than good.


P.S. If you're still asking yourself why any sane person would vote for Trump, read this article by a (totally sane) Christian woman, who says it much better than I can.

P.S.S. I would love comments! But I'm a busy mom and I'm not here to argue or referee, so please be respectful.

P.S.S.S. If you want to do something, but you're not sure what, here are some causes I support that you could get involved in, too--this anti-sex-trafficking organization, this organization that collects kits for refugees and people in disaster areas, and this church (my church, actually) that coordinates all kinds of relief efforts locally and worldwide. Their websites offer so many ideas and ways you can help. This blogger shared some really great ideas, too.


  1. Well said Jenny! This is such a touchy topic, and one that many avoid for fear of being judged as you mentioned. I completely agree with you. The majority of people that I have spoken to who voted for Trump did not do it because they agree with his character and life choices. They voted for him with the hope that he would have a strong council to guide him. They hoped that he would stand up for the principles and ideals that they feel strongly about, and they knew that Hillary would not.

    This country, and our President, need our prayers. We need to strengthen our homes and families - and do our part to make positive change. Thanks for the list of causes to support! Negativity will not lead to peace and help for those who are in need. But we can individually - and as families and communities - make a difference.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, my friend, and you are so right--what matters most is what we do in our families and communities!

  2. This is wonderful Jenny! I voted for Trump but generally avoid discussing my decision because it is such a heated topic. Thank you for your candor. I think we have a responsibility to support our leaders and pray for them.

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