Saturday, January 28, 2017

Life is a Miracle

Earlier today I deleted a comment on one of my Instagram posts where I spoke up for the right of unborn children to live. The commenter said something like, "I doubt a 12-year-old rape victim would have the same attitude." I blocked him (which automatically deleted his comment), not because he disagreed with me, but because his own feed was full of vulgar images of women (I know, ironic), and honestly I don't want someone like that following me.

It can be a little scary sometimes to put myself out there like this, but I'm still speaking up. I don't want to attack or argue with or shame anyone--quite the opposite, in fact. But I'm tired of being told I'm hateful and intolerant for opposing abortion, and I think understanding each other is the only way that people who disagree can get to any sort of common ground. 

But back to that comment first: I could say to myself, "It doesn't matter what he thinks." But it does, because a LOT of people think the same thing. And he's right, I doubt a 12-year-old rape victim would agree that her baby is a miracle. I'm not sticking my head in the sand, here. Several years ago, I worked as the spokesperson at a hospital where a 9-year-old girl gave birth to her mom's boyfriend's baby. NINE YEARS OLD. She was raped, of course. I was the one who had to tell every major news network to back off because being on TV was the last thing she and her baby needed.

No 9-year-old girl should EVER have to go through what she went through. I still think about her often and wonder what happened to her and her baby. I know the baby was placed in foster care, and I can only hope that he or she had good foster parents. As flawed as the system is, I also know so many foster parents who are absolute angels from God Himself. If anyone deserves foster parents like that, it's that baby. So do I still believe that baby is a miracle and a child of God, deserving of life and love? Absolutely. But should that little girl have had to carry that baby? Absolutely not.

And now back to finding that common ground: I can get behind the law that allows rape victims, especially little girls, to have early-term abortions. I can also get behind the law that allows women whose lives are at risk to have early-term abortions. But this doesn't seem to be what the pro-choice movement is fighting for, in spite of the comments like the one I had to delete today. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems it has to be all or nothing: free birth control for everyone, free abortions for everyone, late-term abortions with no questions asked. Morally, I just can't get behind all that. (And as I touched on in my recent blog post, it's certainly not the responsibility of the federal government to pay for it--constitutionally, it's up to individuals or state governments.)

Life is complicated and often tragic, yes, but the answer is not for women to accept the killing of their unborn children. In my view, that can only do harm. What is the answer? That's a much harder question, and that's why it's so important for us to start finding some common ground. But I truly believe that every person has value, including unborn children. Everyone has a right to live, to think and believe and choose as they will. And that includes you, too.

YOU are alive. You have a right to live. To think. To believe. To choose.

I, for myself, choose life.

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