Thursday, August 4, 2016

50 Compliments for Women (That Have Nothing to Do with Appearance)

Ladies (gents, listen up, too!), nothing makes your day like a genuine, heart-felt compliment. And while we women all love to be told how beautiful we are, it's even nicer to know that people appreciate what's on the inside, not just the outside.

I've spent the last several weeks living with other women--an unusual experience for this (sometimes lonely) stay-at-home mom. And they weren't just any women...they were some of the most important women in my life: a week family-reunioning with my sisters- and mother-in-law, 2 weeks catching up with my best friend Jen after 3 years apart, a week camping with the girls from my church and the other women who work with them, and then 2 weeks painting my kitchen cabinets with my mom. (Full disclosure: She did most of the work...I mainly tried to keep the kids from spilling paint and ingesting cabinet hardware.)

One thing I observed over and over was the power that women have to bring out the best in each other. I watched the girls from my church build each other up instead of judging and separating into cliques. I watched the other youth leaders tune in to each girl, cheer her on, and show her how to work and teach the others. Jen helped me see the best in myself and refocus my attention on what matters most...just like a best friend should, she makes me want to be a better person (which, by the way, that's her and me in the picture above). My husband's sisters and mom treat me like one of their own, and they're constantly doing thoughtful things for me (along with everyone else they know). And my mom motivated me to start a project I'd been putting off for months, spending every waking moment of her "vacation" helping me paint and take care of the kids. She never hesitates to go out of her way to help someone. 

There's so much to be appreciated in women other than their appearance, and finding the right words to express that can mean more than you know. It can turn a moment of failure into a moment of success. So in the same spirit as my post on kindness a few months ago, I put together a list of 50 ways to compliment a woman that have everything to do with who she is, and absolutely nothing to do with how she looks.
  1. You inspire me. 
  2. You're so talented!
  3. I really enjoy being around you. 
  4. I look up to you.
  5. You're such a great friend (mom, sister, teacher, etc.)!
  6. You're a natural leader. 
  7. People are drawn to you.
  8. You're thoughtful. 
  9. You're creative. 
  10. You're smart.
  11. I really appreciate your opinion. 
  12. I love how you're always helping others. 
  13. I really like talking to you. 
  14. You're a good listener. 
  15. You always have such good ideas!
  16. I'm lucky to know you.
  17. I'm really glad we met/can get to know each other better.  
  18. You work so hard.
  19. You're strong.
  20. I believe in you.
  21. You've always got things on the ball!
  22. I'd love for you to teach me how you ____.
  23. Being around you makes me want to be a better person.
  24. I trust you.
  25. You'll do the right thing--you always do!
  26. I really admire the way you handled that.
  27. I learn so much from you.
  28. You're a pro.
  29. You'll do great!
  30. I always feel so comfortable around you.
  31. I love that you can be yourself.
  32. You're really making a difference.
  33. You saved the day!
  34. It's so nice to know we can be honest with each other.
  35. You always make things fun!
  36. You're so funny--I love laughing with you!
  37. You're hard core.
  38. You're dependable/You always come through.
  39. You're always there for me.
  40. You make it look easy!
  41. You've got guts.
  42. I love how you never lose sight of what's important.
  43. It's so interesting to hear your story.
  44. I really like how you ____.
  45. You're so savvy.
  46. You've got this.
  47. Everywhere you go, you make things better!
  48. You give such thoughtful gifts.
  49. You're a light.
  50. I love you!


  1. Your posts are always so uplifting and inspiring!

    1. Thank you, Emily! I hope so--I'm so glad they are for you!

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  3. I LOVE THIS IDEA! This is so cool. I might do a spin-off of this concept for best friends, linking and crediting you for the idea, obviously! This is beautiful.

    xo Kathryn

  4. What a cute idea!! SOmetimes the right words escape me when tying to give.a sincere compliment, but really what a great way to spread the love!

  5. YAS YAS YAS!!! Seriously, this is AMAZING! We all need to be saying these so much more to one another!

  6. Such a great post! Those are wonderful things to say that don't involve appearance. My husband has said a lot of those things to me.