Sunday, May 8, 2016

What to do + what not to do while holding a baby

The other day on Instagram I shared how much I've struggled lately with trying to do everything one-handed, and ever since, people have been asking me what happened to my arm. Well, about 10 months ago, I had a baby.

We're pretty much joined at the hip these days! Of course I love holding her--I mean that smile! Those kissable cheeks! And it's not that she doesn't like crawling around by herself, in fact she loves it. But with a two-year-old brother who loves to "play" with her (i.e. smother her...we're working on that), she only lasts about 3 minutes. And if I'm busy doing something else, she usually crawls over to see what I'm up to. She doesn't like being left out...who does?

The thing is, it's just impossible to do some things one-handed. I mean, you could write a novel, govern a nation (technically, it's the European Parliament), or travel the world, all while holding a baby. But put on pants? That's a different matter entirely. So in honor of Mother's Day, here are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind while toting your tot:

Things to do while holding a baby:
  • Shower. Seriously, don't wait until your hands are free, or it might be a few days. It can be done, as long as you don't shave.
  • Put on make-up and do your hair (minus mascara), you overachiever, you!
  • Go to the bathroom. Avoid if possible. 
  • Go on a walk. Could you use a stroller? Sure. But if your baby decides that's not her thing, you'll end up holding a baby AND pushing a stroller with one hand (#beentheredonethat). I recommend a strap-on baby carrier or sling. (I've tried a few different ones, but I happen to like this sling I got free best.)
  • Go shopping--also a good time to use a carrier.
  • Travel or fly. Again, a carrier is a MUST.
  • Work out. (Here's how I do it.)
  • Take pictures. Two words: neck strap.
  • Type on a computer. Remember to hit CTRL+S every few seconds.
  • Talk on the phone. You have approximately 10 seconds until your baby hijacks it. 
  • Put away laundry, especially if you don't fold. (I give you permission to stop folding your kids' clothes. You're welcome.)

Confession: I don't fold my kids' clothes. And I love it! Caleb helps put away and pick out his clothes everyday, and the clothes go straight from the laundry basket to these #DollarTree bins inside his #IKEA dresser, except for maybe a quick fold now and then as I drop it in. And believe it or not, they don't look any more wrinkled than when I used to fold them. I hang up their church clothes, and I still fold our clothes (most of them hang anyway), but I do the same thing with Lydia's pajamas and everyday clothes in her dresser. Plus, I wash and dry just one load a day, so it only takes a few minutes to put it all away, especially when Caleb helps. It's saved me from a life of sitting and folding laundry for hours. I know, I'm such a rebel. Take that, #MarieKondo! #momlife #simplify #makeroomforwhatmattersmost
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  • Sweep, vacuum, mop. Or don't.
  • Make dinner. Pasta, rice, soup, and sandwiches are easy one-handed meals. At the very least, set out all your ingredients on the counter, so when you do finally catch a moment with both hands, everything is right there, ready to be chopped up and thrown together.
  • Play with or read to your other kids.
  • Dance to your favorite music.
  • Just sit back and enjoy holding that baby! 

Things NOT to do while holding a baby:
  • Use scissors. Nope, I'll never try that again.
  • Use a knife. (See above on making dinner.) 
  • Use any kind of sharp, pointy object.
  • Browse social media on a smart phone (unless you want your baby to post a picture of you breastfeeding on Instagram, which definitely did not even come close to almost happening to me once, but you can never be too safe).
  • Operate heavy machinery, except in emergencies, like when you have no clean clothes or dishes.
  • Lift heavy objects.
  • Climb a ladder.
  • Paint.
  • Wear the same outfit that you're planning to wear somewhere else later.
  • Sit down for too long. 
  • Read a book that has actual paper pages. You'd better stick to board books for the next few years.
  • Handle anything valuable or breakable.
  • Put sheets on a bed. Trust me, don't even try it. 
  • Put on pants.
  • Put on mascara. 
  • Replace batteries or light bulbs. 
  • Put a new roll of toilet paper on the springy-thing.
  • Clean up your pet's mess
  • Open a bag of chips. (And don't even think about using your teeth.)
  • Eat that special treat you've been saving.


  1. I love this! And thanks for the permission on the clothes! And the ideas on how to stay organized with said permission... ;)

  2. You have a gift! Honestly. You have a way of helping me laugh about things that sometimes make me want to cry. I love you and your advice on motherhood.