Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year (Plus, Exciting News!)

Dear Family & Friends,

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Consider this our electronic New Year's Greeting.

So much has happened in our family over the last year or so! After Ben graduated from pharmacy school in May 2013, we moved to Boise, where we’ve been very happy since.

The following November, Caleb Benjamin joined our family. 

Caleb is now almost 14 months old, and he’s constantly walking, talking, running, climbing, exploring, laughing, learning, and all together making life both fun and exhausting. We call him “The Amazing Caleb,” and he’s truly the most amazing part of our life.

This past August, we bought our first home. It’s been blissful, in spite of the piles of boxes we’ve yet to unpack. But we love the extra space--especially Caleb--and, above all, we love the homey, cozy, peaceful feeling here. We’d love to have you visit!

And this July, we’ll become a family of four! Our second miracle baby is due July 12, 2015, exactly 20 months apart from Caleb. It still feels too good to be true. But everything is going smoothly, and our doctor is exceptional--he loves watching this little one grow almost as much as we do.

So, our family is certainly growing! We love you and hope to see many of you in the coming year. God bless!


Ben, Jenny, Caleb (1) & Baby (Coming July 2015)