Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Update on Life...

Hello, friends. We’re getting ready for some big changes in our life, and we’re getting quite a few questions about it, so I thought this would be a good time to update all of you. 

Update on Ben...

First and most importantly, nearly ten years of hard, HARD work and unfaltering sacrifice will soon begin to pay off for Ben. (As for the pay off of fifty grand in student debt, that’s going to take a little longer...) 

Ben will finish his last pharmacy rotation this month, and then he’ll graduate as a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) this May! He was the first in his graduating class to receive a job offer - an exciting full-time opportunity with a growing community chain, Albertson’s, based in Boise. And this is just his back-up plan! (Forgive me for bragging about him.) 

Over a year ago, Ben set his sights on securing a Pharmacy Residency to gain more specialized experience on drug treatments for cancer, diabetes, and other serious chronic health issues. This is an additional year of education and training in a hospital or medical center. He applied through the national residency application program, where applicants from all over the country are matched with residencies. It’s a long, time-consuming, and expensive process, and only about half of applicants are selected. 

Last month, Ben was invited to interview for three incredible residency opportunities, and it seems that he’s a top candidate for all three:

  • Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho (smaller hospital, but more familiar, and very close to Ben’s family)
  • The Veterans Clinic in Pocatello, Idaho (great work environment, although with limited learning experiences, and still close to Ben’s family)
  • Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee (larger hospital with more diverse learning experiences, and somewhat close to Jenny’s family)

The national program will (hopefully) match him with one of these residencies, and then we’ll be notified on March 22nd. We’re excited and very hopeful about the prospect of a residency, but even if Ben’s not selected, we’re very happy with his job opportunity in Boise. We’ll let you know the results in a couple weeks! 

Update on Jenny...

In anticipation of Ben’s new career and a possible big move to the other side of the state or the country, I’ll be stepping back from my role as Director of Marketing at Home Care Pulse (officially, on May 3rd, although I may continue to do some part-time work).

If you aren’t already familiar with my company, we manage the largest quality assurance program in North America for in-home senior care. It’s a rewarding field to be in, and I’ve enjoyed this job more than any other I’ve ever had. I also have a great management team and Marketing Department to work with.

If you know someone who might be qualified to fill this position by May, please let me know! Or click here to see the job posting. We’re interviewing now.

As much as I’ve loved and appreciated my company, I’m really looking forward to a new chapter of life with different challenges and experiences. I plan to spend some time visiting far-away family and friends, who I haven’t been able to see much of since I moved to Idaho 8 years ago. We’ll be able to exchange some of the family history we’ve all been gathering on our own (some of us, for years or decades). We’ll visit old family sites and graveyards.

I’ll write more on the blog. I’ll take a class or two. I’ll work on projects that are meaningful to me. I won’t be home late every night. I’ll make dinner and make friends. I’ll keep working hard, just not in the same way. I’ll meet with doctors and adoption agencies and find out how we can start a family.

Update on Us...

We’re planning to move (wherever that will be to) early this summer. We’ll celebrate 5 years together this June! We don’t have any special plans for that yet. Meanwhile, we’re working long weeks and long hours (10-12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, especially Ben). We’re a little burnt out and little discouraged that we’ve run out of options again for starting a family. It's been another year with no progress. Waiting is the only thing we can do for right now.

We don’t expect life to get any easier, but we do hope life will get better with these opportunities for Ben. That was the whole point of the last 5 years, anyway, right? All-nighters. Apartment-living. Hour-long commutes. Tuition payments. Long, lonely days and nights apart. They're supposed to come to an end, right? I mean, who wants to live like that forever? :) 

So we’re looking forward to these new changes in our lives! We know God has a plan for us and that we’ll be happy together whatever happens. Of course, we're happy together now, too. As always, we’ll keep you posted!