Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Quarter Century

It's been kind of quiet around the blog lately (not many comments, either...hmm), but I've been busier than ever. Our 17 adorable nieces and nephews were visiting during the month of July (= 4+ weeks of partying and babysitting), and I recently celebrated my 25th birthday.  That's right, I've been around for a whole quarter century. 

Me, circa '89 (Photo by Phil Jenkins)
It's a little hard to know where I stand now at age 25. Am I where I want to be in life? Well, no, not really. I look around and see plenty of women my age with kindergartners, their own beautiful homes, successful side businesses, PhD's, etc...Part of me wishes I was one of those women, and I know I could've been, but life took a different direction for me, and although it might not have been what I had in mind, it's a direction that I'm mostly very pleased with. 

I took some time to record some of my experiences over the past 25 years, and to put in writing a few of my aspirations for the next 25. 

In looking back, I feel blessed. And in looking forward, I feel hopeful. I'm grateful for the support, love, friendship, and encouragement from so many of you, and the constant love of God through both pain and joy.

25 things I've done in 25 years (not necessarily in this order):

1. Lived in 6 different states
2. Moved 12 times
3. Read the Holy Bible (multiple times)
4. Read the Book of Mormon (multiple times)
5. Came to know Jesus Christ as my Redeemer
6. Left home and moved to the other side of the country
7. Got a scholarship and paid my own way through college

8. Graduated from college at age 20
9. Made life-long friends
10. Fell in love (twice)
11. Married the love of my life (once)
12. Made it to the holy temple
13. Made my first million
14. Spent my first million (mostly on education, including mine and my husband's)
15. Held 9 different jobs in marketing and public relations
16. Started freelancing as a publicist and independent consultant
17. Bought a car

18. Drove across the country (ocean to ocean, and border to border)
19. Built my full family pedigree 6 generations back
20. Taught Sunday School for 7 years
21. Got pregnant (twice)
22. Had not-so-minor surgery (twice)
23. Saw 6 different doctors for infertility
24. Overcame(/coming) recurrent pregnancy loss
25. Started a blog

25 Things to Do in the Next 25 Years (not necessarily in this order):

1. Become home owners
2. Buy a family vehicle
3. Pay off pharmacy school loans
4. Give birth (multiple times?)
5. Move again (multiple times?)
6. Own a dog
7. Settle down
8. Become a full-time mom
9. Watch my kids grow up (teenagers...I can't wait!)
10. Start a business with Ben
11. Go back to school and get at least a master's degree (I could've had a PhD already if I'd kept going...)
12. Plant a garden
13. Store a year's supply of food
14. Put away a million in savings
15. Visit Ukraine with Ben
16. Tour Europe
17. Go on a cruise
18. Adopt or become a foster parent
19. Invest in a few acres of land
20. Build up an extensive personal library
21. Plan for retirement
22. Prepare to serve a mission with Ben
23. Get wrinkly
24. Become a grandma (maybe?)
25. Stay as active and healthy as possible


  1. You've come so far in a quarter century! Those are great goals - I'd like to copy you and do (almost) all of those. I don't think I will get a PhD (although I would like to take more classes). You're an inspiration. Can't wait to see you soon!

  2. you're amazing Jenny!! glad to have you as a friend :)

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  4. Wow! Just reading your goals makes me exhausted. :) I would be worried if you had a a kindergartener considering you have only been married for four years. :) I hope all your list comes true especially the brood of children. I was just getting married when I was a young doe like yourself and pretty sure I have never made a million. :) This list makes me want to set some goals. Love you guys and miss you

  5. You may want to add one more goal. To become a professional writer. You have a gift for writing. Must run in the family.