Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Definition of Insanity

And now, back to our regularly scheduled silliness...

I've never seen a positive pregnancy know, those two pink lines that women always dream about (note, Baby #1 was confirmed with a blood test, and Baby #2 with an in-office test). I'd like to know what it feels like to watch that second line grab that test and reach for Ben to show him that we're going to be a family - that we beat the odds - instead of chucking it in the garbage and reaching for the chocolate.

It plays like a movie reel in my mind - test after test hitting the rim of the garbage can, making a depressing "thunk." And I'm strapped to a porcelain throne, forced to watch the same agonizing replay over and over. And one day I'm probably going to go absolutely, completely, out-of-mind insane. But today I'm going to laugh about it, because, well, I'm already going a little crazy (insert maniacal laugh and eye twitch here), and I'm tired of getting depressed over a stupid little plastic stick and one tiny pink line.

Also, because I've been reading up on Einstein, who was one pretty interesting guy, and I think he was spot-on. So now, thanks to Einstein, we all know the reason I might be going clinically insane. Diagnosis: infertility.


  1. When I finally got a positive after soo soo long, I started laughing. Todd was crying but I just couldn't stop laughing.