Thursday, June 7, 2012

Normal is good...I like normal

Well, it took a lot longer than I expected, but I'm feeling back to my normal self after my surgery (i.e. my pain-free, non-medicated, healthy-eating, dinner-cooking, house-keeping, hard-working, full-time-marketing, active self). According to our doctor the outlook looks very good, which in our experience doesn't exactly mean a good outcome in the end, but we're hopeful that things we'll work out sooner rather than later with starting our family. So, we'll see what God has in mind this time. But hey, Ben will be done with his pharmacy rotations in almost exactly nine months, so what could be better timing...?(hint hint, God!)

Anyway, with all of the medical issues and mind-altering medications that have become a part of my life over the past few years, I've had to find a new "normal" for myself. I'll never be my 17-year-old self or 21-year-old self again, and thank goodness I'll never be my 13-year-old self again (WORST awkward phase you can see, I'm still recovering!), but at least I can accept my (almost) 25-year-old self as my new version of "normal" and be happy with it...most days...

...Especially days when my brother comes to visit me and we take a fun trip together, like this Friday! Yellowstone, here we come!

an original, low-quality infographic about me


  1. I love your quirky outlook on all your pain. I can relate. You can either cry your eyes out or laugh, so why not laugh, right? :)

    1. Oh yes, I cry my eyes out plenty, too. :) The upside is that I haven't had an eye infection for the last couple years, and I used to get them all the time from this eye disease I contracted in high school. Gross, but true! Plus, someone told me that crying releases toxins. See, crying AND laughing are both healthy!

  2. I love the graphic. As always, thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration for all of us that also struggle with challenges and yet need to keep moving forward.