Thursday, June 28, 2012

Asking for Bragging Rights

Hello, everyone! Allow me to brag about my company a little. We're a small team, but we do big things, and I'm proud to be a part of it as my company's marketing director. My company, Home Care Pulse, is the first to set standards for home care. More and more, seniors are choosing to age in their own homes rather than in a nursing home or assisting living complex. Home care makes this choice possible, and, honestly, I hope I have that same choice in 50+ years (although, after hearing about SCOTUS today, I'm not sure what I can expect...).

But, how do you control the quality of care when the caregivers are in the home "unsupervised?" And how do you make sure that those caregivers are confident and competent in their jobs? How do you hold everyone accountable, not for regulation, but for the right reasons?

Well, that's where my company comes in. We monitor the quality of care for hundreds of home care providers all over North America. At our research center, we call individuals receiving care (clients), their families, and caregivers on a monthly basis, then report their feedback to supervisors. We report on trends, progress, and problem areas to help every provider improve and grow. Most importantly, we enhance the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of seniors who want to stay in their own homes, even after losing the ability to live independently. We're constantly humbled by the gratitude and compassion directed our way by those we've impacted.

Home Care Pulse also gathers national research on home care to identify "benchmarks" for home care businesses, like wages, costs, new specialty areas, and growth. We're leading the way for entrepreneurs to build successful home care businesses, which enhances their prosperity and quality of life not only for themselves, but also for their families and their employees. That's the vision of America!

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I really believe in my company, and I want you to know what I spend 80% of my time doing these days.

Also, I want you to believe in my company for at least 10 seconds (after the 180 seconds you took to read this), and vote for us RIGHT NOW! We're competing for a $250K grant, which we'll use to reach more providers in need of quality assurance. We need just a few more votes to get to the next round.

Go to right now, click "Login & Support," use Facebook to login, then search "Home Care Pulse," and click "Vote." It takes 10 seconds, and, who knows, you could be helping your own grandma or elderly neighbor down the street!

If you're still reading, thank you for humoring me! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to support me and my company.

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