Monday, May 21, 2012


The operation was successful as far as we know. The details are still foggy - I kept asking Ben over and over to tell me how it went, but I couldn't keep his answers from falling out of my brain the moment after he told me. But, from what I remember, the doctor removed several polyps (one large and several small) from my uterus, and two spots of endometriosis from my abdomen (yet another diagnosis). The endometriosis will probably come back in a few years, but he's not sure about the polyps. We'll find out more later this week at my follow-up. The recovery was rougher than expected - let's just say I will never take a functioning digestive system for granted ever again - but I'm feeling better now. Just a little woozy, and still tired. I'm looking forward to eating, excreting, and walking normally in the near future!

Goodness, I just can't wait to feel "normal," but I don't know if I can even remember what that's like anymore. It feels like we've been in the middle of one crisis after another over the last few years - multiple moves, miscarriages, unemployment, infertility treatments, taking on new jobs - I feel like I'm always in "recovery mode," just putting one foot in front of the other. I guess that's life. Just put one foot in front of the other. Then you realize you've been looking at your feet too long, and you look up just in time to catch a beautiful sunset or see a friend passing nearby. Right now, I'm looking for a bench. I need a rest. :)


  1. I had a colonoscopy last August. I also appreciate my digestive system much more now. Love you! Feel better!

  2. Hey Jenny, thanks for your advice on my blog. I wish I had some for you. I hope the doctors office makes amends somehow on their negligence. I'm sorry you and Ben are going through so much right now. I appreciate the honesty in your writing and updates on your blog. It refreshing and insightful. I hope you find a bench real soon! You are so beautiful inside and out and are still inspiring me!