Thursday, May 3, 2012

Black as Ebony

Here's some news I haven't shared yet: my hair has been starting to grow in black over the past couple of years. Yes, you read that right: BLACK. And THICK. And WIRY. Considering the fact that my hair has always been a natural honey-auburn shade with a fine texture, I think this proves that my hormones have been playing a nasty practical joke on me, which involves me transforming into some kind of crazed, hairy, hormonal beast.

Then again, I've had several months to come to terms with this new development (as it's been gradual - a few strands here, a few more strands there), and I've come to hope that this transformation might actually be flattering. In fact, it's kind of exciting to think about having a new natural shade, as I've always thought of dark hair as an absolutely stunning feature, but not necessarily on myself, with my red-headed complexion.

Either way - attractive or not - going dark is going to be a big change for me, especially since I've never made any drastic color changes to my hair. I've always stuck with my natural shade, and I've colored my hair maybe three times total in my entire life, and even then it was just to even out the color when my natural summer highlights started growing out.

This new development's also given me the opportunity to re-think my future hair color, just in case I don't like the way I look with dark hair. Like I said, it's going to be a big color change for me anyway. Thanks to {Clairol's Virtual Makeover}, I can preview the possibilities. What do you think about me going ebony? ...chestnut? ...sandy blonde? ...platinum? (Just kidding about that last one.) By the way, the middle image is my natural auburn shade.

So, friends...any suggestions?


  1. I'm totally for the Marilyn Monroe look on the bottom :)Just kidding, my favorite is actually the darker red- that looks really nice!

  2. Ditto. If you're going to change it, I like the top right one! How fun to see what you'd look like. I want to try that :)

  3. I totally agree with the two above! I liked the chestnut one! But I love the one in the middle too! Your normal, beautiful self!