Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back to life, back to reality...and it's about time!

You know that feeling you had when you read your journal from 7th grade and wanted to rip out a few pages? That's how I feel about the last couple of blog posts. But I won't. 

Thank you for bearing with us through the stress of losing Baby #2 and moving right in the middle of it all. Not to mention, I've been literally spending every waking hour - no exaggeration - on a monster project at work for the past couple months (i.e. our annual national study of the home care industry)...That's right, no days off for miscarriage or moving or month-long hemorrhaging due to said miscarriage. I was stressed and not quite myself, but my blog posts were a weak attempt at normalcy. Actually, I've written several blog posts in the last month on various topics that I never quite had the courage to post, and maybe one day I'll want to share them with the world here. But not now.

The good news is, life is somewhat right-side-up again, because:

  • We are living under the same roof again and mostly settled into our new home.
  • I have a great job and a steady income...a great blessing after several months of searching!
  • We've been blessed with peace and reassurance that have kept us going in spite of the disappointment of losing Baby #2.
  • I'm no longer on medication and feeling mostly back to my old "pre-medication" self again...The last year's treatments were rough on my physical and mental health. 
  • We're getting back to eating healthier (fresh/home-made vs. whatever's easiest at the moment). 
  • We're active again and exercising almost every day.
  • I'm making time to read again...Oh, the joy!!!

In other good news:
  • My family came to visit (well, my parents and one of my brothers, Michael) and Ben even got work off on Saturday for the first time this year so that he could spend it with us. It was a lovely weekend.
  • My brother Michael might come to live with us for the summer next year...fingers crossed!
  • My mom stayed an extra couple days and I finally did get a personal day off work...It was a heavenly day filled with my favorite food and lots of girl time.
  • The monster project at work is DONE! SUCCESS! HAPPY CUSTOMERS! HAPPY BOSS! BACK TO SOMEWHAT NORMAL WORKING HOURS! Hail the conquering hero, me!
  • A couple of my best friends are expecting their firsts, and I'm SO excited! At least somebody's having a baby around here! 
  • Spring has sprung, and I have a deck to sit on and enjoy the sunshine (and a fireplace for those days when Idaho changes its mind about being spring).
  • I have a wonderful husband, in case you didn't know. He gave me a beautiful ring to remember the two little lives we lost and the family we'll have one day. When I put that hand over my heart, I remember to be happy for the miracle of life and family.
  • Speaking of family, Ben's whole family will be coming to Idaho for a family reunion this summer, and I'm ready to enjoy every moment this year!                                                             
 My mom and me at the new I-Center in Rexburg...We got the official tour from my cousin, Emily, who works for the university in Public Relations. It's a religious convention center with beautiful architecture and larger-than-life masterpieces of Christ's life by Carl Bloch and others. If you're ever in Rexburg, make sure you see it!

By the way, this is my favorite painting by Carl Bloch. It reminds me that even Christ was comforted when He suffered the greatest pain ever suffered. We don't have to face life alone. Christ says, "I will be with you on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you to bear you up." 

 Here's the little ring...Sorry, bad picture! 

 The fam' in 2009...I wish I'd taken a picture in 2010...Oh well, Steinmetz Family Reunion 2012 or bust!


  1. Your ring is beautiful, and you look so great! I'm glad you got to spend some time with your family, and that you and Ben finally get to be living together again! Hooray for that one :) Miss and love you bunches!

  2. I loved loved loved the picture of you and your mom. And you're matching! :) That painting by Carl Bloch is also my favorite. Last year they brought the originals to BYU's art gallery and I was able to see the original. The colors were beautiful and there is a beautiful Spirit that accompanies the painting, reassuring you that you are never alone. Bloch was inspired! I hope you continue to feel that. Know that I think of you often and pray for you! Love you Jenny!
    p.s. Way to go reading and exercising!! I'm inspired to do better! :)

  3. Love you Jenny!!! YOU ARe AWESOME!!!