Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Riddance 2011...Welcome 2012!

It might not shock you to hear that the year 2011 fell somewhat short of our best expectations. In fact, we’re rather glad to have 2011 over with. Good riddance 2011!


...Painful milestones that should’ve been happy ones (i.e. the first ultrasound, the day we would’ve found out if we were having a boy or girl, the day the baby would’ve been due, the year anniversary of when we found out we were expecting, etc…)

...Medications that make me feel sick and moody all the time (sorry, Ben!)

...Not having a steady job for seven months…Plus moving wards every 6 weeks for half the year and not having a calling to keep me busy…aaand overall feeling pretty useless

...Ben working SO HARD (I’m talking hours and hours and hours AND HOURS) for two months straight to get into the Air Force Pharmacy Program only to be turned down because of a medical condition (I mean, couldn’t they have looked into that BEFORE we started beating our heads against a wall, jumping through hoop after hoop, and scrambling to complete a 30-page-10-point-type-application in which Ben was required to document – with references – every time he ever sneezed or took a dump?)

...Having to work so hard at being happy that I feel EXHAUSTED sometimes, when – seriously – the only thing there is to be excited about (instead of frustrated and disappointed about) is buying new lip gloss at the Dollar Tree or finally finding Harry Potter 2 at the library (took me almost two weeks!) :)

(Of course, 2011 wasn’t all doom and gloom – There were also good things, like two big summer road trips, visiting with lots of family, Jenny finding an incredible new job, making wonderful new friends in Pocatello, reveling in all the space in our new home, Ben working very hard and doing well in school, and countless tender mercies from God!)

So, in 2012, we’re looking forward to…

...Having new things to be excited about, like moving and maybe starting the adoption process (we’ll see!)

...Jenny launching some exciting new projects at her new job at Home Care Pulse, plus just recently picking up some new consulting projects on the side

...BEN FINISHING HIS CLASSES (YES, FOR GOOD!) THIS MAY!!! Finally, after more than 8 years straight (4 of those in the time that we’ve been married) of grueling higher education – first a Bachelor's in Chemistry then a Doctor’s in Pharmacy – NO MORE HOMEWORK FOR BEN!!! He’ll start his rotations in May, and then begins the exciting task of trying to impress employers and get hired for a residency at the hospital after graduation in 2013! Or at least pin down a permanent position with a good company :)

...Seeing more of family – We love having Ben’s parents home from their mission and all of the family guests that come to see them! I'm living with them right now, so I hope they don't mind seeing more of me, too. Plus, I think my whole family might come visit us in Idaho this summer. For certain, my brother Michael is coming to stay with us in April!

...Documenting my life – It’s a project that my best friend Jen and I are going to be working on together (She’ll be documenting her own life though, not mine…obviously...but let's just say I hope to be posting much more frequently in the near future)

...Being able to spend more time in the temple (Jen and I are also planning a weekly trip to the temple together, since my new job puts me only minutes from her house and the Rexburg temple)

...Overall, being a more patient, loving, Christ-like person. After all, I'm a Mormon and I'm a Christian! :)

- Jenny

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