Saturday, January 7, 2012

Calling on all Idaho friends!

So, we're looking for a new place to rent (we're not ready to buy until Ben graduates and finds long-term employment). We don't necessarily need to move right away, but we do want to find the right place and start making plans sooner rather than later. We might not even move until May, but we don't want to put our search off for that long, because then we might never move!

I'm asking for some help - We've been searching pretty seriously for a couple months so far (our original plan was to move over the holidays), but the options have really been discouraging. If you know of anything that seems to fit with what we're looking for that might be available in the the near future, please email me at morningeorgia-at-gmail(.com).

- Newer apartment or townhome or a nicely updated single-family home (basically, not a hole)
- 2+ bedrooms, 1+ bathroom(s), 800+ square feet
- 1 or 2 car garage or covered parking
- Relatively quiet, safe location (in a neighborhood or outside town)
- Accessible to the highway in the Idaho Falls or Rigby areas
- Under $600/month for an apartment/townhome, or under $700/month for a home with a private yard
- Wishful thinking...washer/dryer included, fireplace, basement, fenced yard


- Ben and Jenny

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  1. My brother is renting a house that meets all your requests but one. I sent you a message in Facebook.