Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Worst Trip to the Doctor EVER

I've had some pretty lousy experiences with doctors over the past 3 years, but this one tops them all.

In case you're tempted to pity me at any point in this story, I want you to know that I'm sharing this highly personal account only in hopes that you'll get a really good laugh out of it! Every single word is true, I promise you. Enjoy! :)

DISCLAIMER: This is a very up-close-and-personal blog post; however, please know that it isn't meant to be offensive or inappropriate in any way. Just open and honest.


First, it took us over a month to get an appointment with a new OB doctor - any new OB doctor - in Pocatello.

Finally the day came...

We waited for over an hour in the waiting room. Several people who arrived after us were called in first. We were the last people in the waiting room when we were finally called in after 5:00 p.m., when their office closes.

After being herded into an office, we went over the usual questions, but the medical assistant was absolutely convinced for at least the first 10 minutes that I was pregnant, in spite of our telling her over and over that I wasn't pregnant anymore (Yes, I cried).

Turns out she thought I was someone else - another patient named Jennifer. Oops!

The staff finally found the right records. More waiting. At one point, a nurse thrust a pointed finger in my direction through the open doorway and said - well actually, yelled - to another nurse, "DOES SHE NEED A PHYSICAL?" The answer was something like, "No, that's the wrong patient."

Apparently this was just too much for her after 5 pm and she lost it, "Well, there are just TOO MANY JENNIFER'S around here!" (The funny thing is, Ben had gotten up to use the restroom and was walking by her at that very moment, so she practically yelled it in his face...We enjoy doing imitations of this scene when we need a good laugh.)

More waiting. The doctor was very busy, and it was almost 6pm by this time. Our appointment was scheduled at 4. A nurse took me to an exam room. "Would we get to talk to the doctor? Tell him our issues? Talk about what we've been through so far and what's ahead?" we asked her.

Yes, of course, but first take off your pants, please.

More waiting. The doctor finally came in and chatted about Clomid and in vitro for a while (I was half un-clothed, with only a small sheet to provide some slight modesty).

Last, how about a good ol' pelvic exam, just for good measure?...Sure, why not? I love having my ovaries squeezed. (Do they do that just for fun?)

Right in the middle of the exam, a nurse pokes her head in to notify the doctor that his next patient's family is waiting in the car (so hurry it up!). Then another nurse walks right in...Is she there to help? No, just to get some supplies out of the cabinet, which she has to lean over my lap to reach. During a pelvic exam. It's like I'm not even there. Naked. In stirrups.

Finally, it's over...It's close to 7 by now. The doctor scribbles on his pad and ducks out, "Here's some new medication, give it a try and I'll see you in a couple months."

Thanks, that's just what we came here for. More medication. More trying. More being ignored by our doctor.

I dress. We leave. I cry.


The moral of the story? We're going back to a great doctor in Idaho Falls, who we went to for a second opinion right before we found out we were moving back in January. We've had an incredible experience with him and his staff. Anyway, it's worth driving an hour for great one-on-one care, rather than waiting an hour to be herded like a naked sheep.

By the way, Ben is wonderful. Trying to start a family wouldn't be nearly as frustrating if the only person I had to deal with was him. I guess that how it works for most people, huh? :)

- Jenny

Our Wedding

By accidentally signing into the wrong Gmail account today, I discovered that our Wedding Blog is still intact!

Maybe this isn't thrilling news for you, but it was fun for me to browse around and recall the excitement of getting married - all of the hopes and dreams for the future that made that event so momentous. Well, in honor of our being married three years this month (June 21), here is the link to our Wedding Blog: