Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day!

First, I survived the business trip to Boise and back. Actually, I really enjoyed it - Boise's quite a lovely city.

Second, Easter was wonderful. I didn't find a new sundress (although my mom sent me a cute yellow cardigan with a frilled collar just in time - Thanks, Mom!); however I did find joy and peace.

It was such a comfort to take time to remember and celebrate the love of Jesus Christ, who died for everyone! Can you imagine the love of someone who would die for every single person who ever lived, not just one or two of his friends? But He called us His friends - the sinners that we are - and He made it so that we could come to Him and be in His presence again, as His friends. And He wasn't just someone, He was the Son of God. And so He overcame death, and now He lives to make us His forever. Isn't it wonderful?

Well, knowing that makes me feel a good deal less boring than I was feeling a couple of weeks ago. Plus, I have a few blogging mommy's to thank for their recent insights:

- Eliana, for reminding me that everyone feels boring sometimes (even her...and she is seriously the LEAST boring person that I know!)

- Lara, for not being afraid to tell about the "bad mommy days" AND the big dreams she has for herself (which I know she'll make happen soon)

- Christie, for pointing at that letting your kids define "who you are" can make you end up feeling like you aren't your own person anymore, and so you've got to remember the talents and dreams that make you special - that make you a great person and a great mom!

- Sandy, for confiding that every now and then she feels like she could be more useful if she was working full-time and using her degree instead of being the amazing full-time mom that she is (the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world...)

So the truth is that motherhood is a delicate dream. Some women see their dream come true in one magical wedding night, and others wait and hope for years - even their entire lives! Once it does come true, it might feel like it's taking over who you are and your dreams and your chance to do something amazing. Instead of feeling like your dreams have come true, you might feel like you're just trying to get by every day.

Thank goodness for Mother's Day. Moms, remember how special you are. Daughter, Sons, remember how special your moms are and how they put all of their hopes and dreams into you. True, you might've spent your whole lives just trying to get by and get along, but this is one day not just to get by, but to recognize the lovely dream that brought you together and to be thankful for it.

- Jenny