Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Rantings

What is up with Mormons making appearances in beer commercials? Both main actors from the popular Mormon missionary film The Best Two Years have starred in Budweiser commercials in the past several months. I don't get it - Can't they find other gigs? To me, this is a disgusting trend. Who's next - Charlie?


If you're going in to see a doctor anytime soon, be prepared to be handed off to a non-doctor at the moment you arrive for your appointment (PA, NP, RN). If you do happen to be lucky enough to get in to see the doctor, you will probably be asked to set up your next appointment with one of the non-doctor practitioners.

I don't necessarily have an issue with this sort of practice - Being in healthcare, I know it's an efficient way to run a clinic, especially since the doctors have to be available for surgeries and other things (plus, the non-doctor practitioners are usually really well-qualified). But here's the thing, when I'm dealing with something like not being able to get pregnant and stay pregnant for almost 3 years and I have to re-explain everything every time I go in and then I have to wait for you to get an okay from the doctor without him/her even seeing me, I'M DONE. I'm going to see the doctor. Every time. Don't even ask.


I was going to write a little rant about one more thing to make it a nice round 3, but I can't think of anything else...I guess there's not much that makes me feel miffed, which is probably a good thing. I asked Ben what gets him riled up, and he said that he hates it when people don't take their leftovers home from the restaurant and they just get thrown away. As for me, I hate it when he feels like he has to eat ALL of the leftovers, even the stinky old ones in the fridge. Ew.

- Jenny

Monday, March 14, 2011

Time for a New Topic

Well, if this isn't a reason to change the subject, I don't know what is...

We moved! Yes, and I would've announced it via blog earlier if we'd actually had Internet service before yesterday (we moved mid-February). So, we are settled in, but not settled in enough to take pictures and show them to the world...On second thought, that could take a while with school in full swing for Ben and a new job for Jenny. So, if you're really itching to see our new love nest and you'd like a Skype tour, I'd be happy to oblige (Mom). :)

After grinning and bearing an hour-each-way-five-days-a-week commute for almost two years, Ben is happy to now be living a mere hop-skip-and-a-jump from where he goes to pharmacy school - much better! And Jenny is excited to be working in health care again as a marketer for a home care company - Now that she's completed all of her training, she's really starting to pick up speed (And I've fallen in love with our patients!...It's a little bittersweet when they get better and we have to say goodbye).

The best part of living in our new house so far - aside from being close to school and a new job - has been a weekend visit from Jenny's dad and brother Robbie! We enjoyed the mountain majesty of the Portneuf Valley while cross-country skiing, and re-cooped in our cozy cottage. (Attention Friends and Loved Ones: Spare Room Available for an Enjoyable Stay in Scenic Idaho).

Give us a shout if you plan to pass through on your way to Yellowstone! Here are some quick pics to entice you...

Quaint, but cozy...

Come on in!

Just kick back and relax!

There's plenty of room for everyone!