Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Everyday Moments

You might have noticed the new look. It's a work in progress. I basically just picked a new layout and color scheme, courtesy of Blogger. See, I’m keeping it simple.

As for other part of the blog – the content – that's a work in progress, too. I'm sure it always will be. That's what makes it fun, right?

It’s always nice to take time to appreciate the everyday moments that make us laugh. I wanted to capture a few of those moments from this week – I’ll let you guess who said what. Sorry if it's TMI.


"Why is this lasagna fuzzy?"

"Come over here and kiss me like you’re in love with me!"

"I call not doing the dishes!" (Surprisingly, this wasn’t me…I must be rubbing off…)

"Why is it so cold in here?" "Because we’re too cheap to turn on the heat!"

"Guess what I have! A candy bar!" "Thanks, honey!! How about I share some with you?" "Well, since it’s my candy bar, how about I share some with you?"

"We don’t like your presence, Ellie (our cat)." "Yeah, your presence is offensive to us, Ellie!" "No, I meant her 'presents,' as in her 'gifts' (i.e. farts…Our cat frequently passes gas, hence her nickname ''Smelly Ellie'').

"My back hurts." "Well, then I’m about to give you the best back rub of your life."

"Macaroni and Cheese???!!! WITH HOT DOGS???!!! This is the BEST NIGHT EVER!"


  1. I love how in love you guys are! You really have something special! Thanks for sharing.
    By the way, we want to come visit you guys sometime soon, so I'll be calling you soon to arrange that :)

  2. Awesome! I totally miss you guys. Bunches. I like the presence/presents one.