Monday, October 10, 2011

It puts the "blah" in blog

First of all, this blog started out as a way to keep family and close friends updated. I do this kind of thing for work all the time, so I wasn't interested in making it fancy - I just slapped up a Blogger template and some stories, and before I knew it there were people I didn't even know reading and commenting on my blog on a regular basis.

Wow, I wasn't expecting that. But now I'm inspired to make my blog a little less "blah" and "ug," and little more "ahhh!" so I'm asking for your input.

We'll make this easy - We'll play 'Would You Rather?"

1. Would you rather me to keep it simple - mostly text with a few visuals - OR would you rather see me add some fancy features like polls and banners?

2. Would you rather me continue to post every 2-3 weeks OR write at least one short post every 2-3 days? (Dare I assume that you could care that much?)

3. Would you rather me keep the subject matter mostly about my life (because apparently you find it sooo interesting) OR would you rather me write more posts about other subjects (i.e. politics, hobbies, places, people)? (OR - watch out, third choice - would you rather me keep the mix of topics about the same?)

Just looking for a little feedback - I already have some things in mind for this "makeover," so I'll still make it what I want it to be (especially since that seems to have worked well so far), but I'd love to have everyone's perspectives to give me some guidance.

Please post your comment below or on my Facebook!


  1. I think the simple posts about your life are fine the way they are. I don't see the point of cluttering it with polls and a bunch of extra stuff. Your blog is nice because it's simple and has what's important I would say.

  2. I would LOVE it if you did more frequent posts. There is something super fun when you realize you have a surprise audience. I know it freaks some people out and they will suddenly go private. To me, it makes me feel like I have a chance to change the world - on a very small scale - make my voice heard, and make a difference. And I think polls are fun!

  3. I love your blog. It's very real and I think that people are able to relate or at least learn something when they visit. More posts would be great! As far as the extra stuff, I think it's fun but that is ENTIRELY personal preference Ü

  4. Jenny,

    I just found your blog through facebook and wanted to say that I love your blog! I hope that you are doing well!