Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Pictures Are Up!

It's been one of the best Idaho summers ever, and with five of Jenny's best friends back in town for school for the few months, she has high hopes that this will be one of the best falls ever, too (if she can ever get over this mean flu bug).

You can click here to see all of the pictures of our summer adventures: Click here to see pictures of the Best Idaho Summer Ever!

I wish I could tell you about everything, but I think these pictures are, as they say, worth a thousand words. In case you were mistakenly under the impression that Idaho is a God-forsaken wasteland, you should know that the best part of Idaho
summers - along with family reunions and the Fourth of July, of course -
is the incredible scenery and wildlife. It's everywhere - sometimes it feels like the Garden of Eden is in our backyard (maybe not literally, although we do have a great backyard...You can see it by linking to the picture album above).

Our own garden did pretty well this year, too - which you can also see pictures of in this photo album...We don't have kids, so we're reduced to posting pictures of our vegetables.

Among some of the most memorable of our adventures this summer were visiting two of Idaho's national parks - Yellowstone (which we share with Wyoming) and Craters of the Moon (that's where we took this picture of Jenny is an enormous crater).

Erupting geysers, multi-colored bottomless pools of boiling-hot water, thundering waterfalls, lunar-like craters, and caves decorated with icicle-stalactites are only a few of the strange and beautiful things you'll marvel at there. That's why I've only posted a few pictures here - you really have to see all of the pictures in the album to be able to imagine it (unless you've been there, of course).

We also visited the famous Mesa Falls - the Niagra of the West. You can't get close enough to it to take a full-scale picture, but I can tell you that those green cliffs you see in the background are about a quarter-mile high.

We stayed pretty active this summer – We ran a couple of 5k’s together , hiked up and over the Targhee mountains to the Palisades (you can see the Palisades mountain lake here and the creek that flows down from it to the Swan Valley), and Jenny even swam in a triathlon. She’s planning on taking on the whole triathlon on her own next summer (swimming, biking and running). Better start training!

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that on our hike back down from the Palisades, we almost ran right into a big bull moose, who happened to be watering himself for the evening only a few feet from our trail. Bull moose aren’t exactly the type of wildlife you want to cross paths with when you have only a couple hours of daylight left. In this video you can see that he takes one last annoyed look at us before deciding to let us by...We had been waiting on him for almost an hour at this point.

Honorable last-mentions of the summer - seeing Despicable Me in 3-D for Jenny's birthday (thanks for the gift card, Mom and Dad!) and, for Jenny, going to her company's annual convention.

That's all for now...We're excited to start sharing our fall memories with you soon!