Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winter Games

The British Columbians weren't the only ones having fun this winter. Even though we had a great time watching the 2010 Olympics - especially the snowboarding and ice skating events (GO TEAM USA!) - we had a lot of our own fun in the ice and snow this year. Here a few of the cool moments we captured...

Mmm, fish head...quite the kitty delicacy.

A sunny day, cross country skiing at Kelly's Canyon!

At the top...what a view!

You've gotta keep warm somehow.

Snowboarding at Targhee.

Wet cat.

A game of peek-a-boo.

So, winter was a blast, but I'm happy to see the last of the snow melting away. With a backyard to barbecue in and a garden in the works, it's sure to be a fun spring!


  1. Ellie is adorable!! But I can't believe how complacent she looks after a bath. Our George goes insane and waves his arms everywhere trying to attack anything until he gets wrapped tightly in a towel. lol

  2. Cole is going to be so excited to see the cat. Glad the snow is melting, but I bet you will get a little more before winter is truly gone.

  3. Nothing feels like Spring finally arriving after months of snow in Idaho. I don't miss the bitter cold days. But, I must say that Spring in Georgia is absolutly beautiful.