Monday, July 20, 2009

Of Families and Family Reunions

4 family reunions + 3 states + 2 cross-continental flights = 1 once-in-a-lifetime vacation

Well, I've never been very good at math, but I'd say that adds up about right. And did I mention that all four family reunions were within a three-week time-span?

Our family-reunion spree started out with a bang at an overnight campout in Southeastern Idaho for the Gneiting Family (Ben's Mom), complete with s'mores and a weiner roast. We even got family reunion t-shirts (very family-reunionish)! We wished we could have worn them for longer than two hours; we had to leave in the middle of the potluck lunch and frog-eye salad to catch our flight (in our non-showered, camp-firy-smelling condition) to Atlanta.

The very next day, my parents hosted a more in-doorsy reunion at my home in Georgia for my mom's side of the family (the Borg Family). I can't quite describe it in words. Lots of sound effects come to mind. Lots of kids, lots of food and lots of riotous laughter. Funny stories are a must for every Borg family get-together.

Our travels continued to northern Georgia, where we spent a few days at my grandparent's farm. A big part of the family (the Jenkins Family) came from Indiana and Alabama to join us for the Fourth of July. Jenkins family reunions are a little different from Borg family reunions. Most Jenkins are reading or fishing alone (and sometimes in pairs), rather than talking or eating in one big group. But as long as you're within a half-mile radius, you're considered a part of the reunion. Except for Sunday's sermon; that's when everyone gets to see who's at the reunion.

The last reunion was the Steinmetz family reunion in Utah, which was made up mainly of different varieties of jello and potato salads, wooden picnic tables at the state park, and picture-taking. I took my little nephews on lots of walks, threw lots of big rocks into the river (life doesn't get any better than that for little boys) and took them on canoe rides on the lake, too. Grandma brought an enormous bag of candy, which was quite possibly the second-best part.

We feel pretty lucky. We wonder if we'll ever be able to make it to all four family reunions again (in the same year). We'll probably have to rotate or something. Anyway, I wish we had taken more pictures.