Friday, April 24, 2009

The Aquarium

I visited the Aquarium in Draper, Utah with my sister-in-law Lisa, her two-year-old Ammon, my sister and brother-in-law Rachel and Glen, and their two kids Jaron and Noah. Even though Ammon was saying, "Scary! Scary!" it was actually fascinating! First of all, the Aquarium was an old grocery store with an extreme-marine-makeover; the murals and floor art and exhibits were perfectly crafted to give you the feeling that you were visiting the Little Mermaid's home at the bottom of the sea...dark and wet and strange...almost like another world. And, the variety among their exhibits was surprising. We saw everything from anacondas to electric eels (you could even touch the exhibit to feel the "shock" of the eel) to poisonous tree frogs to octupi and stingrays and sharks. I even got to pet a stingray!

"Scary! Scary!"


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Way to go, Idaho!

So, the moment we've all been waiting for....literally....for months, I felt like a broken record, telling everyone, "If we get into ISU..." "If we get into ISU..." and, lo and behold, we did!!! We got the letter yesterday and celebrated with Martinelli's sparkling cider.

This acceptance letter means that in the next couple of weeks we'll be choosing between a doctorate in pharmacy at ISU or a PhD in chemistry at either BYU or University of Utah. Stay tuned...!

- Jenny and Ben

If our blog is boring, I'm sorry...

For the past nine months of our marriage, I have neglected our blog under the notion that since we're just newlyweds and we don't have any kids who do cute stuff, our blog wouldn't be interesting enough for anyone to want to check it out. My sister-in-law put me straight when she told me frankly, "There's a whole life to live before you have kids."

This statement had two major effects: I resolved to do better to make the most of my newlywed time in life, and I made this blog. I've discovered that making a blog is actually pretty entertaining; in fact, it's alot more fun than Facebook! It's become a sort of hobby over the past couple of weeks, and I've even made a personal blog for sharing my family history discoveries with my Mom and family.

And so, in advance, I apologize for neglecting my Facebook even more than before ('s just not that much fun, and I've never really been that into it...I use it strictly for convenience...) and I apologize if our blog is boring and you absolutely have no interest in wedding pictures or lovenests or other newlywed experiences. Visit later when we have cute kids who do cute stuff.

- Jenny

Our Lovenest

Everyone seemed anxious (especially my mom) to see how our little lovenest turned out, which I actually think is quite lovely (though small), especially with all of the nice gifts we received for our wedding. Take a "virtual tour" on Facebook at (you don't need a Facebook profile):

- Jenny

Adventures as Newlyweds in Yellowstone

We spent our honeymoon in Island Park, a beautiful, green paradise in the mountains and hills of Southeastern Idaho. Island Park is only a few minutes' drive from Yellowstone, where we spent a whole day enjoying the wildlife and outdoor wonders, including colorful hotpools and geisers, bottomless abysses, roaring waterfalls and smelly buffalo.

Our Facebook album shows a few of these wonders (you can access this link even if you don't have a Facebook profile):

The Wedding Photos!

We hope that all of you enjoyed our wedding blog! Our blog has been relocated and renamed to reflect our new life together. And speaking of, check out the wedding photos at this link: