Monday, September 14, 2009

Ode to the Higginbothams

Jenny's cousin Alan and his wife Crystal used to live only a minutes away from us, but moved to Georgia a couple of months ago. We've really missed them, and so this is an ode to their memory (a poetic team effort by Ben and Jenny). We're sorry if it doesn't make sense to anyone but Alan and Crystal.

Alan and Crystal,
Oh, how we've missed all
Those Family Dinners
And Sequence 2-out-of-3 winners
But, most of all, Baby Hailey.

We've missed hanging out,
And watching MacGyver break out
Of a Russian insane asylum
With a toothpick and some chewing gum
But, most of all, Baby Hailey.

Our hearts will go on
like the Celine Dion song,
And your friendship will always be
Some of the best bar-b-q company
But, most of all, Baby Hailey.

We regret that we never took pictures,
Of our many adventures
But we'll always treasure the memories
Because we love the Higgy's
And, most of all, Baby Hailey.

We love you Alan, Crystal and Baby Hailey!

Ben & Jenny