Sunday, June 7, 2009

Camping in a Blanket Fort

We love camping! I'm sure after reading "Hell's Half Acre" you must think we're pretty hardcore campers, but we decided this time to camp where we knew we wouldn't get lost. So we went camping in Ben's parents' basement.

Ben's parents' basement is HUGE; the den itself is large enough to fit a trampoline and a 6 man tent (not that we've tried). It was the perfect place to build a blanket fort, and we built quite an expansive blanket fort with four rooms, two hallways and a front "porch." We camped in it for two days, and even had s'mores (we "roasted" them in the microwave in the kitchen upstairs) and made a "campfire" (in the gas fireplace in the basement).

If you're the type who can't live without climate control or showers, we highly recommend this method of camping. It's 100% dirt and bug free.


  1. Awesome!! If Jaron were there he would have totally loved that fort.

  2. haha now that's my type of camping!! glad to see your doing well jenny :)