Friday, May 1, 2009

Takin' a Spring Break

We LOVE Rachel and her kids (and Glen, too). They stayed at Mom and Dad's for Spring Break, and we basically partied for 10 days straight. Well, maybe not, but we did go mini-golfing, explored a cool rock formation at the park, jumped on the trampoline, had two barbeques, went to the "Titanic" exhibit at the Museum of Idaho (with Alan, Crystal and baby Haley Higginbotham, too...Jared LOVES baby Haley), "fondued" several varieties of fruit and finger foods, and played "Joseph Smith Jeopardy" (Rachel and Jenny dominated in Final Jeopardy).

We also learned a cool song about cleaning your room (Boo-wa-wa-wa-wa), and I gained the supernatural ability to transform into whatever character or animal my two-year-old nephew, Jaron, had in mind. Thus, I was "Sharpteeth Jenny" (the T-Rex from the Land Before Time), "Pirate Jenny," "Doggie Jenny," "Tiger Jenny," " Lion Jenny," and "Snake Jenny." When we weren't pretending, I was just "My Jenny" to Jaron. :)

Here are some pictures of our escapades; Rachel is the talented photographer:

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