Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Firm a Foundation

On Sunday, we sang "How Firm a Foundation" as members of the choir at the CES Fireside with Elder David A. Bednar, which was broadcasted from the BYU - Idaho campus to college-age members of the Church around the world. Can you find Ben in this screen capture?


Follow the link above to see us singing in the choir! We sang at the beginning of the program, so it's not too far into the broadcast. You might also have to download a quick and easy installation to run the video.

I really enjoyed Elder Bednar's words! At the Fireside, Elder Bednar counseled young adults to beware of the false realities of online media. Truth, he taught, is things as they really are. Truth is eternal. Often, the "reality" that we experience online is far from truth, or things as they really are. Therefore, we should avoid spending too much time chatting, gaming, and living out our lives "virtually," which would seperate us not only from the company of those we love, but from the influence of the Lord's Spirit, who is the voice of truth. (He also taught that we should use technology for the benefit of others, to share truth and promote the influence of the Spirit, which testifies of Christ.)

Since Ben and I originally met on Facebook, I told Ben after the Fireside that I thought Elder Bednar had to be right; Ben is much better in real life than on Facebook. It's truth eternal!

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