Sunday, April 5, 2009

If our blog is boring, I'm sorry...

For the past nine months of our marriage, I have neglected our blog under the notion that since we're just newlyweds and we don't have any kids who do cute stuff, our blog wouldn't be interesting enough for anyone to want to check it out. My sister-in-law put me straight when she told me frankly, "There's a whole life to live before you have kids."

This statement had two major effects: I resolved to do better to make the most of my newlywed time in life, and I made this blog. I've discovered that making a blog is actually pretty entertaining; in fact, it's alot more fun than Facebook! It's become a sort of hobby over the past couple of weeks, and I've even made a personal blog for sharing my family history discoveries with my Mom and family.

And so, in advance, I apologize for neglecting my Facebook even more than before ('s just not that much fun, and I've never really been that into it...I use it strictly for convenience...) and I apologize if our blog is boring and you absolutely have no interest in wedding pictures or lovenests or other newlywed experiences. Visit later when we have cute kids who do cute stuff.

- Jenny

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