Friday, April 24, 2009

The Aquarium

I visited the Aquarium in Draper, Utah with my sister-in-law Lisa, her two-year-old Ammon, my sister and brother-in-law Rachel and Glen, and their two kids Jaron and Noah. Even though Ammon was saying, "Scary! Scary!" it was actually fascinating! First of all, the Aquarium was an old grocery store with an extreme-marine-makeover; the murals and floor art and exhibits were perfectly crafted to give you the feeling that you were visiting the Little Mermaid's home at the bottom of the sea...dark and wet and strange...almost like another world. And, the variety among their exhibits was surprising. We saw everything from anacondas to electric eels (you could even touch the exhibit to feel the "shock" of the eel) to poisonous tree frogs to octupi and stingrays and sharks. I even got to pet a stingray!

"Scary! Scary!"


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