Saturday, May 17, 2008

How Ben and Jenny Met

Luke, Ben’s best friend and cousin, decided that Facebook would be a great way for Ben to meet cute girls. He created a Facebook profile for Ben, making sure that Ben would appear very attractive, and added almost 200 girls as Ben’s friends. Ben was bombarded with messages from cute girls. One of these was the very wary Jenny Jenkins, wanting to know why in the world Ben was requesting to be her Facebook friend. Ben sent her a couple of flirty messages (kind of as a joke, although he did think she was cute), and Jenny decided she had no interest in meeting Ben in person, even when he invited her to play soccer with all of his friends. A few months later, Jenny and Ben bumped into each other at a school dance, and Ben recognized her from her Facebook picture. It was an awkward meeting, but Ben succeeded in getting Jenny’s number. Although she gave him her number, she was sure that he would not call her. Besides, she was going back to Georgia for seven weeks anyway. Well, Ben surprised Jenny by calling her on her birthday and several times during her stay back in Georgia. And being the gentleman that he is, Ben arranged to meet Jenny when she came back to Rexburg and help her with her luggage. The rest is history.

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